The porridge pot was kept bubbling even through the worst of the famine years. Alina was the mistress of the kitchen during the early 20th century, and it in her honor we also call Miranda, the current young mistress of the Backas’ kitchen, Alina. With the recipes crafted by Miranda, ergo Alina, we want to guide you to the fresh world of the Arctic flavors.  


It is in honor of Alina, who was the mistress of the kitchen during the early 20th century, that we also call Miranda, the current young mistress of the Backas’ kitchen, Alina. With the recipes crafted by Miranda, ergo Alina, we want to guide you to the fresh world of the Arctic flavors. At the beginning of the year, you will get your chance to learn smoking with Alina’s tips, all the techniques involved and how to best utilize your new knowledge. When the spring blooms, we will head outside and Alina will teach you the secrets of the wild herbs. In summer, we are still collecting wild herbs but you will also have the opportunity to see the Backas’ pigs and the delicacies we get from them. As the autumn rains grow stronger, we will move to the glazed terrace and learn how to handle game and how to prepare it. Remember, it is also possible to learn about the many wildlife treats throughout the year, depending on the hunting season. When Christmas comes around, Alina will teach you how to craft beautiful gift bags!   

Welcome to learn more with Alina! 4 hours is the lenght of each lesson, dinner included

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Come learn more with Alina!

  • Learn about game with Alina
  • Wild herbs and vegetables
  • Backas' pork
  • Learn about smoking with Alina
  • Gift bags

Learn about game with Alina

Learn about game with Alina

Even though the domestic game is underrated in many Finnish homes, having a reputation of being difficult to cook, Alina has collected the recipes for you that are guaranteed to work! Our menus change according to season, because game is the most expensive seasonal ingredient product. During the evening Alina will show you how to prepare game, and it is also possible to get a closer look on the different parts of the carcass and learn how those are handled. With Alina’s tips you are sure to succeed from now on!


Game menu

Game soup from Kuninkaan Erä

Broiled venison tartare, spruce sprout and dried cranberries with herb mayonnaise

Fried seasonal fowl, barley risotto with thyme and blackcurrant compote

Lingonberry sorbet, hot fudge and sugar roasted oats from Stömberg’s mill

Wild herbs and vegetables

Learn about wild herbs and veggies with Alina

Let’s taste, smell and get to know the familiar plants and wild herbs with Alina. Did you know that the ingredients for a green salad are growing in your own yard? First we familiarize ourselves with the wild herbs growing in the yard of the Backas mansion under Alina’s tutelage, then we prepare together a fresh buffet table, utilizing the ingredients and spices we found earlier. We will top the evening off by enjoying a meal we made together, under the shade of the big oaks in the garden.    

Wild herbs and veggies  

Nutty dandelion salad and blue cheese from Peltola

Roasted whitefish with white clover and common yarrow

Fried salmon and warm ground ivy-bean salad

Spruce roasted chicken

Potato salad with birch

Wild herb-goat cheese bruschetta


Nettle crêpes and rhubarb compote

Backas' pork

Learn about Backas’ pork with Alina

Pigs and piggery have played a major role in the history of Backas since the early 20th century. The big stone piggery, located at the yard, reminds us from this time. There was a time when up to 900 pigs roamed there. No wonder Alina loves to make pigtastic treats! With Alina you will have the opportunity to make, among other things, robber’s roast using the mansion’s yard oven, and learn how to utilize pork also in desserts.

Learn about Backas’ pork with Alina

Backas’ pork rissoles with red chard-rucola salad and dijon sauce

Salad with crispy bacon and roasted plums

Grilled pork pluma and feta-bean salad

Backas’ mini pulled pork-burger

Smoked baby ribs and kartano’s coleslaw

Vanilla panna cotta, caramelized apples and bacon crumble

Learn about smoking with Alina

Learn about smoking with Alina

Smoking is one of the most traditional methods of cooking. With Alina we learn, among other things, how swarf and salting affects the flavors of the ingredients.

We will also learn about different smoking techniques. Come smoke with Alina’s recipes, so you will learn how easy smoking really is.  


Learn about smoking with Alina

Smoke celery soup and pickled apples

Salad from smoked cranberries, almonds and yogurt

Smoked chicken and fresh tomato salsa

Smoked Arctic Char and dill-smetana

Mansion’s roasted rosemary-bread and butter with smoke salt

Smoked brie cheese and blueberry compote

Vanilla foam and smoked gardener’s fruits

Alinan opissa - Ravintola Backas

Gift bags

Learn how to make gift bags with Alina

You haven’t bought your Christmas ham yet, Christmas cards are yet to be written and where is that gift for your mother-in-law? Does this sound familiar to you? Allow Alina to help and come craft your own gift bag! Making the gift bag will give you ideas on how you can easily prepare treats for yourself, or for the whole kin, for that matter. With Alina’s recipes you can make glogg concentrate, crisp bread and mustard. Who in your working group is the best at seasoning the mustard? Find out together while enjoying our game sausage. To top the evening off, you can relax and enjoy the dinner prepared by Alina.

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