Do you value the physical and mental wellbeing of your employees? Would you like to retreat to nature for a day without leaving the metropolitan area? It would be our pleasure to host your team days and kick-offs here at the Ravintola Backas, with an eye on your wellbeing. All our activities take place outside in picturesque garden setting.

We will always build you a package that takes into account your wishes and needs. This is what a day with us could look like: 

  • 8.30 Arrive to the Backas and enjoy a delicious breakfast. We will be serving, among other things, homemade buns, butter with wild herbs and oat porridge with berry jam
  • 9.00-11.00 Hold your conference in the Ravdoskaid cabinet, where you can do all your official business
  • 11.00-12.00 Gather around our lunch tables. I wonder what the catch of the day will be? Game or fish?
  • 12.00-14.00 Proceed with your conference, or maybe book a wellbeing lecture from us?
  • 14.00 Afternoon coffee with sweet and energizing nettle shot
  • 14.30 Move outside to the mansion garden
  • 14.45-17.00 Relax with flow yoga or work up a little sweat with our ‘feel-good physical exercises’
  • 17.00-19.00 Now it’s time to relax your muscles in the Tiilitehdas sauna, right next to the mansion grounds
  • 19.00-22.00 Enjoy a delicious dinner in your own cabinet back at the mansion. Would you prefer Gardener’s menu or Colonel’s buffet?

After the dinner you can head home refreshed and with a belly full of mistress Alina’s clean Arctic treats. Please prepare for the activities with weather appropriate gear.

When will you visit us? Call now and book a day that suits you!

Familiarize yourself with our activity alternatives here.

  • Pilates
  • Flow yoga
  • Body Maintenance
  • Forest mind wellbeing moment
  • Circuit training
  • Mindfulness



Pilates is an efficient physical fitness system designed to improve your muscle balance, with special focus on strengthening the deep core stability muscles. Exercise builds strength, stamina, mobility, body control and body consciousness. Pilates is a conscious exercise for body and mind, increasing concentration and bodily consciousness. Your back muscles benefit from the invigorating movements and the balance of both the body and mind is enhanced.   

Tyhy- sekä tykypäivät ja liikunnalliset ohjelmat - Ravintola Backas 2

Flow yoga

Flow yoga

Energizing movements and conscious breathing are characteristic features of the dynamic Flow yoga sessions. During the session we get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the peace of nature. Dynamic exercise generates warmth in the body and builds strength, balance, endurance and mobility. Exercise ends with relaxation.   

Tyhy- sekä tykypäivät ja liikunnalliset ohjelmat - Ravintola Backas 2

Body Maintenance

Feel-good body maintenance 

Achieve wellbeing for both body and mind. Muscular tensions are gently thrown out of the window, and both body and mind relax in easy-going atmosphere. Peaceful stretches enhance muscle balance, mobility, remove tension and aches. The chance to stop and take a moment to relax decreases stress and increases wellbeing.

Exercise ends with relaxation.

Forest mind wellbeing moment

Forest mind wellbeing moment

Studies have found that spending time in nature is beneficial to human wellbeing. Forest and nature are familiar and safe places, where you can recharge your mind. Forest mind-method combines the natural wellbeing-effects of the nature with mental exercises. These exercises will help you to recognize the inner workings of your mind, helping you to ponder and ask questions. The nature setting allows your senses and brains to recover and renew naturally. Includes exercise instructions to go.  

Circuit training

Effective and versatile circuit training:

Brisk circuit training, which invigorates entire body in fresh outdoor air. Effective, fun and versatile training exercises in the middle of nature, taking advantage of nature’s own possibilities. Versatile exercise strengthens muscle fitness and oxygen uptake. Everyone moves according to their fitness-level.  

Tyhy- sekä tykypäivät ja liikunnalliset ohjelmat - Ravintola Backas


Experiential mindfulness

Mindfulness, meaning exercises that focus on being accepting and conscious of the present, have an effect on our nervous system, body and brains. With just a few minutes of training most people (approx. 95%) discovered that their attitudes changed from problem-centered to solution-centered. When brains are in the state of presence, it is possible to make new observations and discover new, creative solutions. The capacity of our brains increases and we can become better versions of ourselves. It is useful to recognize this state and learn how to achieve it with simple exercises, for example before facing a challenging task. In experiential mindfulness events we will spend approximately fifteen minutes on facts, most of the time being spent on versatile exercises. Mindfulness-exercises are simple, but not necessarily easy to execute. That is why quality instruction, especially at the beginning of the exercise, plays a major role. During the exercises the autonomic nervous system relaxes and the entire body moves from the state of stress to the state of recovery. Thoughts change from problem-centered to solution-centered, become more open and relaxed.

A package of 3 sessions provides more depth to the exercises, increasing the chance of them turning into a regular part of the daily routine. One-time sessions are also possible.

  1. Session: Introduction to the concepts and basic exercises
  2. Session: More advanced and varied exercises
  3. Session: Focus on the effects exercises have on body and brains according to research and personal experience

Mindful Eating

Accepting, conscious presence while eating provides both body and mind an opportunity to refresh and empower. We will sense flavors, scents and colors more clearly. We will notice how different ingredients have different mouthfeels, and this is how regular eating turns into a fresh, unique experience. Our stress levels will decrease and our digestive system can focus on its most important task. We will activate our parasympathetic nervous system, our autonomic “rest and digest” -nervous system. We will learn how to make any eating moment an experience that treats both the body and mind.   

Duration 1-1½ hours + dinner    

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